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Convert milliseconds to minutes and seconds

How to convert milliseconds to minutes and seconds?
function convertMsToTime(ms) {
  const totalSeconds = Math.round(ms / 1000);
  const hours = Math.floor(totalSeconds / 3600);
  const minutes = Math.floor((totalSeconds - hours * 3600) / 60);
  const seconds = totalSeconds - hours * 3600 - minutes * 60;
  return `${hours}:${minutes}:${seconds}`;

To convert milliseconds to hours, minutes, and seconds you need to execute some mathematical calculations. 

  • Convert the milliseconds value to seconds by dividing it by 1000 and converting it to an integer using the Math.round() method.
  • Then calculate how many whole hours the resulting seconds add up to. Here you have to use the Math.floor() method.
  • Then see how many whole minutes the remaining seconds add up to.
  • Finally, subtracting the seconds in whole hours and whole minutes from the original totalSeconds value gives the remaining seconds.
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