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Generate random date in a range with JavaScript

How to generate random date in a range with JavaScript?
function getRandomDate(startDate, endDate) {
    const minValue = startDate.getTime();
    const maxValue = endDate.getTime();
    const timestamp = Math.floor(Math.random() * (maxValue - minValue + 1) + minValue);
    return new Date(timestamp);

console.log(getRandomDate(new Date(2020,0,1), new Date(2029,11,31))); // Thu Jun 17 2027 23:13:22 GMT+0200

Generating a date in a range can be simplified to generating a number in a range as a Date can be created from a timestamp value. So you can easily write a function that accepts a start date and an end date. Convert them to a timestamp and use these values with Math.random to generate a number in that range. With this new number, you can easily create a new Date object using it as a constructor parameter. 

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